St. Louis Style Spareribs with Original Sauce-Half
St. Louis Style Spareribs with Original Sauce-Half

67th Street BBQ made with SBR small


Although half the size of a full rack, these St. Louis Style Spareribs deliver full-size deliciousness.  The half slab is the perfect size when you want a smaller portion. Okay, we we know you probably could eat a whole slab, but these are perfect when need a little help with your self control so you don't eat a full slab yourself! Just like all of the 67th Street BBQTM made with Sweet Baby Ray's, you don't have to stand behind the grill for hours before you eat.  Just warm them up in the microwave or oven and prepare to have sauce up to your elbows. Go for the Thrill Without the GrillTM, and grab a half slab today!



Made with PrairieFresh Premium Pork









NET WT. 24 OZ. (1.5 LBS.)

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